Penis Enlargement Remedy Review – Is It #1 Penis Enlargement Guide?

We Test Penis Enlargement Remedy On 608 Men… Find Out Their Results

Hello and welcome to our Penis Enlargement Remedy review. This review is going to be different than all the other reviews you have read before. This is because we are going to share the results of 680 men who tested the 3-step ‘stem-cell penile growth’ method which is provided by PE Remedy program.

Our Results with PE RemedyThere is a secret in penile enlargement industry that most people don’t know…

Penile Exercises, under a certain condition, and if performed continuously can increase penis size by 3-4 inches. Initially, we were shocked to know this because there are very few ads you see for penile exercises as compared to pumps, pills, surgery, etc.

We thought it is impossible to get that kind of growth that will make your girl gasp when she sees you are bigger and scream out your name in ecstasy when she feels your extra inches.

And all this with penile exercises.

Now, before I get into detail, let me tell you two very important variables to understand why some men successfully able to increase their penis size while others don’t. It is related to something that only a few researchers know and others don’t.

What the hell I am talking about?

Stem cells are the most incredible form of cells because they can become any type of cell. A brain cell, a heart cell, and a penis cell. If you can get stem cells in your shaft then it will grow.

Penile exercises (especially stretching exercises) can only create tiny spaces in your shaft but when these tiny spaces filled with stem cells then it can make the penis grow.

So, this means that Stem Cell is the key to make penile exercises work. This is the reason, we recommend Tom’s Penis Enlargement Remedy program.

So, let’s start our review…

How Many Men Tired PE Remedy?

Before creating this Penis Enlargement Remedy review, we send an email about this program to our 2k email list, surprisingly many men agreed to test it out.

Previously, we have been recommending against penile exercises because we never saw anyone get permanent gains with penile exercises. We were pleasantly surprised to see 680 men agreed for the original trial of this program.

Here I want to clarify two things. First, penile exercise is known to provide short-term increase of 0.50 inch after an exercise session. This is a great way to increase penis size before engaging in sexual activity. Secondly, we tried and tested PE Remedy to find this increases the length and girth of the penis and the speed at which it all happens, lots of people get their interest and ordered Penis Enlargement Remedy by Tom Candow. In case if you also want to order it then use this special link.

6 Months Of Using Penis Enlargement Remedy:

Our team (consist of 5 members) was surprised by the effectiveness of this program. We seriously not expecting to deliver any permanent result. Previously, we tried many penis enlargement programs and all of them failed to provide any meaningful results.

PE Remedy is different than other enlargement programs because it talks about ‘Stem Cell’ technique and results show that it is one of the effective techniques for making penis bigger. But it disapproves all those scam websites that say PE remedy increases penis size in 4-8 weeks.

PE Remedy revealed 3-step penile enlargement method that needs to follow every alternative day. This is what we told to our 680 men.

Additionally, 6 months results look very strong. Let’s look in the deep and find out how much our 680 men grew by…

Average Size Gains From Penis Enlargement Remedy (PE Remedy):

At the end of our 6-month testing period, we conclude the average gain that our 680 men got was 1.24 inches in length and 0.40 inches in girth. These gains in girth are pretty impressive using only PE Remedy. While 1.24 length gain is pretty decent as well.

This is the only penis exercise program that delivers such impressive results. If you are using a penis pump, then you can also substitute it with penile exercises as they are more powerful than penis pumps.

Average Length Gain On Month-to-Month Basis:

Average Penis Length GainsAfter analyzing different confirmed penis enlargement methods, we came to know that the peak month where gain happen most is the 4th month. As in this case, you can see in the graph that in month 4, our test men observe an average gain of 0.33 which is higher than any other month.

The next strongest month is the 6th month where our men got around 0.26 inch gain in their penis size. This is still impressive for a single month gain.

The 5th month is also went very good where men gain just 0.01 inch less than month 6. The average length gain happens on the 5th month was the quarter of an inch.

However, if you observe the first two months the combined length gain that our men got was just 0.20 inch. In the 1st month, they get only 0.08 inches gain, and in the second month, they get only 0.12 inches.

These real penis enlargement experiments teach us why men should stick with the penis enlargement program instead of quitting it if they believe they are not getting results as per their expectations in the first two months.

Average Girth Gain On Month-To-Month Basis:

Average Monthly Girth Gains ResultsWe have observed the girth gain with PE Remedy is pretty impressive as compared to length gain. When it comes to sexual intercourse, most women prefer heavier and thicker penis instead of a long and thin penis. So, any increase in the girth size is well-accepted.

The results we got after six months showed total girth gain is not that far away from half an inch.

Truly speaking, results don’t mean anything if you are gaining anything in your girth size. In our testing, we found the girth size of penis increases by using just PE Remedy’s ‘3-Step Stem-Cell Penile Growth’ method.

If you look at the chart, you will see most girth gains happen in order – month 6, month 5, and then month 4. These results proved that PE Remedy is a must-have tool if you want to gain some inches in your penis girth size.

However, if your focus is to look bigger, then you must focus on increasing your penis length. It doesn’t matter if it is penis length or girth, any gain in these few months should be welcoming.

Look at the below table that shows a cumulative gain in penis length and girth.

penis length and girth growth results


So, Are These Results Impressive? Click the button below to download PE Remedy now!

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Wait! Let me give you an overview of this program in this Penis Enlargement Remedy review.

What Is Penis Enlargement Remedy?

Penis Enlargement Remedy Book

This program talks about getting stem cells into your male organ to increase penis size.

Stem cells are the most amazing type of cells because they can turn into any type of cells. This includes penile tissues as well.

With this system, you are learning about how to load stem cell into your body (which will take some time) and provide stem cell-rich blood as much as possible to the penis. This will increase in penile length and girth.

You are required to do penile exercises to create spaces on your shaft. This process is short in which stem-cells fill up these spaces and become penis tissues. This will lead to safe, and effective growth of the penis by spending countless hours on penis exercises.

It is cool, isn’t?!

How Much It Cost?

At the time of writing this Penis Enlargement Remedy review, the price of this program is set at $47. This is standard price for a program like these. I can’t say about others, but this is a no-brainer deal.

Download PE Remedy

How Long I Can Keep On Using Penis Enlargement Remedy?

You can continue using this program as long as you want. But you have to stop using it when you are 0.25 inch away from your desired target. You will get growth without any efforts.


This is because it takes body three weeks to start working on additional stem cells in the body. Similarly, it takes a same number of weeks for the body to bring things back to normal.

Just keep in mind, the results with this program is permanent. Make sure you don’t get bigger to the point where your penis becomes painful for your woman. There is no way to reduce penis size except surgery.

Who Should Not Buy PE Remedy? (4 Reasons)

1. Guys who want to increase penis size by 2 inches in a month. This program designed to provide safe and permanent growth in penis size. However, it takes time for the penis to grow naturally. Those who want to see their penis grow by 2 inches in a month should not consider this program.

2. Guys who don’t want to do penis exercises. Those who don’t know, penis exercise is one of the safest and oldest methods for penis growth. If you look over the internet you find many recommendations for penis exercises. If you don’t have 20-30 minutes for penis exercises then don’t download this program.

3. Guys who don’t want to lift weights. Inside Penis Enlargement Remedy, Tom showed how to increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) naturally. According to him, lifting heavy weights is one of the best ways to increase HGH production in your body. As a side bonus, you will get muscle growth that makes you look attractive to girls.

Don’t worry Tom has laid down everything and there’s no guesswork for you.

4. Guys who don’t want to use Blue Green Algae supplement. The whole idea of this penis enlargement program is to increase the number of stem cells into the body. When there is an abundant supply of stem cells in the body, bone marrow releases these extra stem cells that can transfer to the penis through exercises.

But how to increase stem cells?

Blue Green Algae is the supplement that can increase stem cells in the body by 25-30%. When these extra stem cells transfer into the penis they cause growth.

This is a normal physiological process – it’s not invented, it’s recently DISCOVERED.

The cheapest Blue Green Algae supplement is available at Amazon and it is only $18. With over 850+ customer reviews and 4.5 rating, I can say this is the best you can get.

How You Will Get This Program?

This program is completely digital which means you will get everything in your provided email. You can download the book in your computer, or smartphone and use it whenever you get some free time. You can easily hide the content from others in this way.

Additionally, you will get instant access to the program. You don’t have to wait to get access even it is 3 o’clock in the morning.

And of course, delivery is 100% free.

Is The Penis Enlargement Remedy Delivery Discreet?

Yes! You will get everything in your mail and your credit card statement will show CLK*BANK. Truly speaking, this couldn’t get any more discreet than that.

Get PE Remedy Program

Final Verdict:

We have come to the end of this Penis Enlargement Remedy review. I believe you get the picture, it isn’t good, it’s great. Although, you may not get as quick results as Tom claims on his page, but you certainly get results with this program if you stick with this program for at least six months. Many people don’t get results because they stop using the plan when they don’t see results within a month or two.

For just $47, you can get a scientifically-backed and tested program. I recommend PE Remedy for all the men who are looking to enlarge their penis.

That’s it from our Penis Enlargement Remedy review. If you have any question then feel free to send us by visiting the contact us page and if you want to give your feedback then leave in the comment box below. Thanks!

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